1 Many specialized schools for gifted and talented youth require thorough cognitive testing to determine the student's level of overall intellectual abilities and areas of strength and weakness.  StepStone completes extensive cognitive testing in order to meet this requirement. Additional forms are completed by the parent to get a fuller understanding of their child's level of functioning. 

Gifted assessments which includes cognitive testing for ages four and above is typically completed in one two-hour session for. Feedback sessions are available for an additional charge. 

If a child/teen is experiencing learning difficulties despite gifted abilities, more comprehensive testing is recommended to determine if the student may be twice-exceptional (2e). Students who are twice-exceptional (2e) may have Gifted or superior cognitive abilities (above the 95th percentile), yet struggle with schoolwork due to a learning disability (i.e. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia), ADHD or executive function weakness.

During assessment sessions, students will sit at a table with the clinician while they complete each activity. They will use an iPad and may write in various workbooks. Some of the activities are challenging while others are easier. Many students find most of the activities to be enjoyable. Breaks are taken whenever necessary. Clinicians strive to ensure the process is a positive experience for the student.

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