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Who Do I Want to Be During COVID-19?

Science has long told us that how we are thinking and feeling affects how we behave, and vice versa. We have three choices in our way of being right now in relation to the pandemic.  We can act like we are in the Fear Zone, the Learning Zone, or the Growth Zone.  It is typical that we all start in the Fear Zone when some type of crisis hits, and over time, as we adapt, we move into the other zones. Many of us have traveled back and forth between the three zones during our personal COVID-19 journey. Yet we do these things without even realizing it. Sometimes it can be helpful to see where we are right now in order to more easily see where we want to go in the future.


This graphic is brought to you by Dr. Wolfington, PsyD at  Eagle Valley Behavioral Health and The MindsJournal. Photo by Pablo Heimplatz at Unsplash.


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